The Battle of Callan, 1261, the Ape and the Boar

5 thoughts on “The Battle of Callan, 1261, the Ape and the Boar”

  1. Gerald,
    It’s Ben Hazard here from UCC. Could you give me the title of your forthcoming book about the Earls of Desmond, please? I’m compiling a bibliography and would like to include the details.

    1. Ben,
      It’s good to hear from you. Here is the title of the book (we are at the printers)):
      The Earls of Desmond, The Rise and Fall of a Munster Lordship. isbn 978-0-9547902-3-3

  2. Gerald

    I’ve mislaid the card you gave me on the M7express bus to Limerick, so this is how I’m contacting you. I had two items, the first being some data about the moleskin(e) books exhibition. The riverbank gallery in new bridge had stuff on its web site but its no longer there. The other was the issue of the last Catholic mayor to hold office in 1600’s.

    Lenihan states that in 1625 and 1626 there were Catholic Mayors and Sheriffs, and who attended mass publicly. In 1651 it appearrs that the mayor and sheriffs were also catholics

    1. Daniel,
      Good to hear from you. I remember our meeting well. If you come to Ireland you should stay here during your journey.
      How is your work progressing?

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