Tralee Castle: Interrupted Occupation, 1691 and 1742

9 thoughts on “Tralee Castle: Interrupted Occupation, 1691 and 1742”

  1. Mr. O’Conner, I reside in the US and recently found that I am a direct descendant of the Denny ‘. Apparently a great grandfather Samuel Denny entered the US in 1755. Is there any evidence as to why he did this? Once he came to the US it appears that subsequent generations became poor share croppers. It appears that the family had wealth until he moved to the US and lost everything. lol.

    1. I was delighted to hear from you. What you write is very interesting. Can you state more about the decline you describe in the family’s fortunes. I cannot, without looking at my notes, shed any light on the matter you raise; and when I do look at my notes there is no guarantee that I will be able.

    1. Apparently I am also the great granddaughter of Sir Edward Denney (to some degree) who was born in July 20th 1605. It’s pretty cool to think that my family of some sort could have owned a castle.

  2. We just traced one line of my wife’s family back to the Dennys of Tralee Castle, so this history fills in the story behind the facts! What am awesome find. We’re thinking of coming to visit the area and see the castle itself! My wife’s maiden name was Dennie, which was changed from Denney, which itself looks to have been changed from Denny when they emigrated to the American south.

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