Richard III’s Body Found Under a Car Park

3 thoughts on “Richard III’s Body Found Under a Car Park”

  1. Interesting article and nice to see it related to the Anglo-Irish Earls of Desmond. There is also an interesting legend about Richard III dancing with the famed “Old Countess of Desmond,” wife to Thomas 12th Earl of Desmond.

      1. You will find the “Old Countess” mentioned in the pedigrees. There is some debate as to who she actually was, as she was reported to have had such a long life span. The original belief was Ellice Barry, widow of Thomas of Drogheda. However, Sir William Betham preferred Margaret O’Bryen widow to James the 9th Earl. I have also seen here designated as Catherine, wife of the twelfth Earl.

        Robert Sainthill refers to the legend of the Old Countess dancing with Richard in his treatise on the Journal of Robert Sydney, who apparently discussed the Old Countess with Sir William Betham. I have seen it referred to elsewhere, but cannot remember offhand all of the sources. Flora Macarty also wrote about it for a newspaper (American newspaper, I think) in the mid 19th century, entitled “Desmond; or the Charmed Life

        See, Robert Sainthill. “The Old Countess of Desmond. An Inquiry
        Did She Seek Redress at the Court of QueenElizabeth, as Recorded in the Journal of
        Robert Sydney, Earl of Leycester? And Did She EverSit for Her Portrait?”
        Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. (1836 – 1869). Vol 7 (1857-1861),
        pp. 429-473. Royal Irish Academy.

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