At Lough Gur, January 23, 2014, we heard of the FitzGeralds of Castle Ishen

3 thoughts on “At Lough Gur, January 23, 2014, we heard of the FitzGeralds of Castle Ishen”

  1. Greetings, Blog Author!

    I cannot be sure of your name. You seem to be quite the Kerry historian, and I’d like to make your acquaintance. My grandfather’s grandmother, Margaret Georgina Mahony Hickson, was born at the Grove, Dingle, in 1820. I wonder what relation she was, to the historian Mary Hickson (about whom I’d like to know more). She was a descendant of Maurice Fitzgerald, the Knight of Kerry, by Elizabeth Crosbie (Lucy Fitzgerald having married Rev. Edward Day).

    Your book on the Earls of Desmond seems well worth investigating. Do you sell it directly, or do I have to go to the behemoth Amazon? Have you written other books on Kerry?

    Please write me at

    Christopher Logan
    Eugene, Oregon, USA

    1. Hi Christopher.
      Thank you for your kind remarks (on the day when we launch my book about the Earls of Desmond in Tralee).
      Here is a Hickson obituary, and I have Mary Hickson material to share also, when I have time to investigate further the line of Mary Hickson, the historian.
      ‘Hibernian Chronicle. 6 January 1785. Died. A few days ago at his house at Fermoyle, in the county of Kerry, in an advanced age, John Hickson, Esq; a gentleman whose benevolence and hospitality render him universally regretted by all ranks of people, but more particularly by his numerous acquaintance.’
      There are portraits of Hicksons in my previous book, The History of Tralee, Its Charter and Governance.

      It and the book about the Earls of Desmond are paperbacks, making it cheaper to send them in the post to Oregon. (I wrote a history of Kerry, but it is hardback and very expensive to post.)

      They retail here at 15 (Earls of Desmond) and 20 euros and you could use Paypal to pay.

      Would Paypal suit? Best add about 10 dollars to post the package containing the two. Can you add it up?

      Good to hear from you.


    2. Hi, Christopher.
      I have come across your email/comment again. Seems to me you could visit the pedigrees at the back of those books of mine. I also have collected marriages and obitaries from the press.
      Gerald O’Carroll

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