Tom Denny in Tralee

5 thoughts on “Tom Denny in Tralee”

  1. My wife belongs to the Dennie family, that traces its way back to those of Tralee Castle (Denny was changed to Dennie sometime after arriving in the American South, before emigrating to the Ohio/Indiana area). We are going to be visiting Ireland next year, and it would be an outstanding experience to meet some of her distant relations. Any recommendations for making contacts would be well appreciated. Your blog has been most enlightening as we worked on filling in family history, as well. Very enjoyable to read!

    1. Good to hear from you, Scott. I write this on the day of our President’s State Visit to Britain. There is renewed interest these years in the history of the settler, as opposed to the native, in Ireland. The Good Friday Agreement, which signalled an end to the war in the North of Ireland, has helped this. Sir Anthony Denny returned to Tralee in 2009 to launch my book, The History of Tralee. He had written a foreword. It was a gesture by him to the Good Friday Agreement.

      1. Thank you, Gerald. It would appear that getting my hands on The History of Tralee would be a enjoyable exercise!

        As it turns out, MY mother’s side of the our family also has ties to this as well. It was long believed that her McGimpsey (Dempsey) ancestors were Scots Irish, but we are finding evidence to the contrary….maybe. Researching family history was never a priority, and so there is scant little to go on, at times. My mother’s maiden name was Murhpy, which I have found akin to researching “Jones” in the States! Unfortunately, many immigrants to the US found it to be better to forget their heritage than record it.

    1. Yes, and in certain pages of the Bible there are historical entries by Denny family members, concerning births and marriages.

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