A Tralee Duel of 1794 Left a Lasting Legacy . Is this the Most Authentic Account?

6 thoughts on “A Tralee Duel of 1794 Left a Lasting Legacy . Is this the Most Authentic Account?”

  1. Well done again Gerald.
    My goodness the sheer fecklessness of it all is flabbergasting from the marriage itself to the duel to the sheer wanton loss of life to the poor tenants paying the ultimate ransom.

    1. Yes, Philip, and it is interesting to consider amelioration the Judge brought to the affairs of the town and the lives of the townspeople.

  2. Found this
    14-8-1819 p4 Freemans Journal; Grand Jury sworn in before the Lord Chief Baron Robert Day of Counmellon . His Lordship surprised on the amount of the claims made on the County and trusted that the grand jury would scrutinize rigidly every application . He Lamented the wretched state of the road between Tralee and Limerick. Shameful manner in which public works were executed in this county in latter years. The Courthouse was not good enough for a barn, a gentleman would not stable his horse there. Libel case, Richard Connor O Brien v P Chute of Kerry Western Herald. Statements at recent trial by P B Hussey, accused OBrien of piracy, bigamy, perjury, Mutiny at Nore, etc. In favour of defendant with costs.

    1. This is a valuable addition. Many of Judge Day addresses, called ‘charges’, appear in my book about him, though not the one you have noted in your comment. Thanks.

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