Tralee’s Charter

One thought on “Tralee’s Charter”

  1. My book, The History of Tralee, Its Charter and Governance, appeared in August 2009. The pre-publicity had been exceptionally good, with articles in Kerry’s Eye and The Kerryman, particularly the colour images of me and the book in The Kerryman. The articles stressed the cooperation of the Denny family who have contributed portrait images and scenes never before published.
    Of the original research – as opposed to the research recovery which comprises much of the book, drawing on the spadework research of the old historians like Mary Hickson and Rev. H. L. L. Denny – I would stress the discovery by me of a century of conflict between the neighbouring and interrelated families of Denny (Tralee Castle) and blennerhassett (Ballyseedy) for control of Tralee’s corporation, culminating in the deselection of an MP by the Irish Parliament in 1743 and the reinstatement of some burgesses disallowed by the Denny-controlled provost.
    One of the appendices is a list of all the MPs who represented Tralee, at the old Irish Parliament and at Westminster; the constituency was abolished finally in 1885.

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